E W Shaffer

Poetry & Prose

Before we attempt to define poetry, we must admit that a definition is impossible.... If we do not know what love is, a definition will not help. Poetry is almost as difficult to define as love.
Donald Hall in "To Read a Poem", 1992
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Tables and Chairs . . .
Poems and writings, 109 pages. Poetry / Autobiography / Humor / Commentary

Born in Cumberland, Maryland, Shaffer was educated at the University of Maryland and Southern Illinois University. Trained in the sciences, he was later drawn to the fine arts and literature as a painter, sculptor, conceptual artist and poet.

SHAFFER uses his father's initials, E W, when authoring his poetry and creative writings. He has written many poems and published three books now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Catagorization of poetic forms is a very imprecise endeavor. Amidst conflicting definitions, poems frequently fall appropriately into several categories. Abstract poetry and nonsense poetry are quite similar, for example, as are calligrams and concrete poems. Also, children's poetry is often considered a subset of comic verse and light verse and narrative poems may also be prose poems and at the same time, other types of poetry.