E W Shaffer

Poetry & Prose

When leaves fall from my tallest trees / I thank the wind that blows them free / of my yard way down below / and to someone else bestows / the task of providing them / with a proper requiem.

— E W Shaffer, Tall Trees in Poetic Justice, 2009
Copyright © Mike Shaffer, 2009


Performers, artists, movie stars and other celebs like to adopt clever names that set them apart from all the ordinary people then go to extremes to publicize them to the world.

I worry that people will start picking names out of a dictionary and one of these days I’ll laugh myself off the porch when I have to talk to a guy that says his name is Shovel or Jump-Start or maybe Notepad. . . .

Tables and Chairs —Poems and Writings. A second book about the natural world, human nature and life. 

              Everyday Life

Life is not a road less traveled.
It's not a walk in the park.
Sometimes like a sweater it comes all unraveled.
It's not a spark in the dark.

Happiness isn't a game to be played.
It's not a song to be sung.
It's not a glorious new years parade.
It's not fun and games for the young.

Life is not a bowl full of cherries.
It's not a grand cabaret.
It's ill-defined. It endlessly varies.
It might bring trouble your way.

It seems whatever we think it should be
Is reflected in things that we say.
And there's always ways we can all disagree
About everything every day.