E W Shaffer

Poetry & Prose

Sir, I admit your general rule, / That every poet is a fool. / But you yourself may serve to show it. /
That every fool is not a poet.
—Alexander Pope, (Untitled)
Copyright © Mike Shaffer, 2009



Came empty handed to this world.
Be bankrupt when I leave.
Wasted most of my time here.
Lord grant me a reprieve.


Tell a Story

Life on earth is just a stage
Sing or dance or mime.

Juggle, joke or tell a story
Silly or sublime.

Get your act together friends
Before curtain time.

Or in the end you might find
You ain't worth a dime.


The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy wasn't real.
His name was Norman Selby.
He's not the legendary boxer
But he might as well be.


Mom washed the family cloths on Mondays,
Tuesdays, ironed them flat.
She worked all week and went to church
on Sundays. That was that.

EPIGRAMS—Concise, usually no more than six lines so as to be easy to remember. Witty, pithy and often humorous, can be complimentary or insulting and often give advice. Popular in ancient Greece.