Robert Frost

E W Shaffer

Poetry & Prose

I'd as soon write free verse as play tennis with the net down.

Country Store

Beer, gas, cigarettes,

liquor and the like

all for a price,

painted with a wide brush

in bold red letters.

Signs of civilization

in front of the

country store I pass

nearly every day,

on the left,

competing for my

attention and

on the right

rolling hills, a

meandering stream,

grazing cattle and

oncoming cars—

many many oncoming cars.

Nature Photographer

Nearly naked, she steps into the icy froth
shutter clicking, backing further

from the shore. Above her lens in the
late air, fresh beams of moon shudder

with each synched flash. Before the
stir ignoring the surf, plunging

boldly into the brine, a passel
of pint-sized sea turtles waggle

from sandy nests to the safety
of the sea and slip under foamy waves

to disappear in seaweed, pebbles, shells,
all rumbling, sliding, thrashing up and back

with each wave of optimism, perhaps
straining for a glance back at the nature

photographer running to the car, bare legs goose
bumped from the salty chill, not wanting

to be wet and feeling the gritty sand
scratching at the skin of her sandaled feet.

God Time

God knows black holes do not precede a galaxy's birth. Heaven knows they are fed by the same
gases that form the stars. Just look for the bulge of dense matter that signals the demise of the classic galactic disk. Breath a sigh of relief when you see Orion's Belt and Rigel knowing we are nothing in God's time.

FREE VERSE 2—Unmetered rhythmical lines of varying lengths, among the least structured forms of poetry, short to very long, formal to informal. FREE VERSE 3
Copyright © Mike Shaffer, 2009