E W Shaffer

Poetry & Prose

Haiku is a poetic form which takes nature in each season as its theme and expresses
inspiration derived from nature.

— Kimiyo Tanaka in The Pleasure of Haiku
Copyright © Mike Shaffer, 2009


Three Poems
About Rain

pearl rain:
a necklace breaks apart into
white cleavage

raindrops on the
umbrella's edge line up
to jump

young pieces
of water hop scotch their way
along the pavement

Three Poems
About Morning

wet clouds
hanging black but mourning
arrives anyway

bright sun
red on my closed eyes in the
still morning

early first light
elbows its day into the
crowded darkness



HAIKU—Descriptions vary. Imagistic, unrhymed, often about the natural world, evoking aspects of Zen meditation. Three lines of from twelve to seventeen syllables with second line longer than the others. Recent work called haiku deviates from earlier standard forms. Originated in 16th century Japan.