E. W. Shaffer

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Some internet sites claim to offer cartoon poems but the ones I have seen show only poems OR cartoons or perhaps cartoons that mention poems or poetry but not cartoons that contain words or captiions with poetic structure.
E. W. Shaffer
Copyright © Mike Shaffer, 2009


CARTOON POEMS—Poems that are part of cartoons. Poetic forms that are presented in bubbles or captions of cartoons. Usually humorous, any length, in single panels or in a series as might appear in comics sections of printed media.

It's HD TV in your face. It's right before your eyes.
Little tiny monitors, try two on for size.

Seven hundred thousand pixels dancing to and fro
DVDs and TV shows, every where you go.

Learn and then be entertained by information glowing.
Does it really matter that you can't see where you're going?

Hook them up to a computer or your VCR
Then find a spacious easy chair and watch your favorite star.

Follow all the soaps and reruns, all the hottest shows
And all the late-night infomercials right there on your nose.